A Sneak Peak at Our Upcoming Update

The updated Retina Risk app will be out soon and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the features and improvements that will be included. We want to thank you all for great feedback which we relentlessly incorporated into the design of the app so it may be of better service to you in your daily diabetes management. Your wellbeing is what guides us in our design process and we are grateful to all who have reached out to us to share their experiences. There are many improvements to existing features and we introduce new ones as well. Below are the main highlights of the app.

HbA1c in percentages

You have spoken and we have listened. It is now possible to input HbA1c values in both mmol/mol and % with no need to switch between the two formats as both are displayed simultaneously.


We now help you interpret the results of your risk calculation. This includes the risk category (low, medium, high) but also an explanation of which factors contribute the most to your specific results so you are better informed of your condition. We also highlight optimal ranges for those factors that can be altered such as HbA1c and blood pressure.

Improved user interface

With the new update, you only need to enter most of the relevant factors for the risk calculation once which are then saved on your device. This means you only have to enter HbA1c and blood pressure values and update your risk calculation in a matter of seconds.  We also made it prettier and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Multiple language support

We want everyone to have equal access to the best tools out there regardless of their native language so we will be adding multiple languages in the weeks to come.

Know your risk of diabetic eye disease

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Progress tracking

We want to help you track your risk over time so we developed a way for you to track all your risk calculations to discover how they are trending. You can save your risk calculations which are then displayed on a graph which will enable you to get a better overview of trends over time and address any negative changes in a timely manner.

Goal setting

Based on the results of the risk calculations and the interpretation of the results, you can now set goals that help you to lower your risk score and discover the close relationship between factors such as HbA1c and blood pressure values and the risk results.

Improved login

We take your privacy and data security very seriously which is why we have removed any social media login methods. You can now log in with traditional email sign up or through google login.

Updated educational section

We are updating our educational section so that you have the best knowledge available to you in the palm of your hand. In the weeks and months to come we will be building this section out with interactive learning modules to personalize your learning process.

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