We Are Revolutionizing Diabetic Eye Care

Who We Are

We’re a HealthTech company founded by world-renowned team of visionary doctors to transform the future of healthcare by providing personalized care based on individualized risk assessment. Our initial focus is diabetic eye disease, one of the leading causes of blindness which can be prevented in over 90% of cases with early detection. The clinically validated RetinaRisk algorithm empowers patients and doctors alike by accurately calculating the risk of sight-threatening eye disease, while at the same time leading to efficiency and substantial savings in healthcare cost. 

RetinaRisk iClinic

Our web based clinical decision support service enables easy access to risk management for diabetic eye care and can improve screening capacity by up to 60%. The iClinic also helps physicians motivate patients by visualizing and quantifying the future health effect of positive behavioral change today.

RetinaRisk App

The RetinaRisk mobile app enables you to calculate your personalized risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Vision loss due to diabetes can be prevented in 90% of cases with early detection, timely treatment and preventive lifestyle changes. RetinaRisk can play a instrumental role in early detection by calculating the risk of diabetic eye disease and allowing users to understand which are the key underlying risk factors and which lifestyle changes can lower the risk.

RetinaRisk API

The RetinaRisk API solution or Application Programming Interface, allows for a system-to-system connection to access the RetinaRisk algorithm, serving international healthcare providers, diabetes hospitals, ophthalmology clinics, diabetes platforms, pharmaceuticals and health insurers. The RetinaRisk API facilitates a truly personalized approach focused on providing the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Safe and efficient


The RetinaRisk algorithm was developed by Dr. Einar Stefansson, Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Iceland and Dr. Arna Gudmundsdottir, Endocrinologist at the National Hospital Reykjavik, who have decades of experience in screening for diabetic retinopathy and treating diabetes. Our algorithm is based on extensive international research and has been clinically validated in over 25.000 diabetic patients in three continents and found to be robust.

Safe and Effective

The RetinaRisk algorithm was safe and effective in a diabetic screening program in an ophthalmology clinic over 5 years. The use of the program reduces the mean frequency of screening visits and liberates valuable time in ophthalmic practice to be used on high‐risk diabetic patients or other patient groups.
Svein Estil, Ophthalmologist, Norway

Provided valuable contextual support

We have used the RetinaRisk algorithm in human-grading and AI based grading. The algorithm has provided valuable contextual support in both scenarios. It provides an evidence-based medical perspective to the grader at the point of screening. This is extremely useful to the non-medical grader who may not have the clinical context to infer risk.
Steve Cook, Ophthalmologist, South Africa

It is a great decision support tool

Having used RetinaRisk for over 5 years, it beautifully allows me to demonstrate to my patients, how modulating key, modifiable risk factors like glycosylated hemoglobin and blood pressure control, can dramatically affect their sight. Additionally, it is a great decision support tool, helping to determine when patients with diabetes need to be re-evaluated in my office
A. Paul Chous, MA, OD, FAAO, Tacoma, WA

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