The Number 1 App for Diabetic Retinopathy

The RetinaRisk mobile app enables you to calculate your personalized risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Vision loss due to diabetes can be prevented in 90% of cases with early detection, timely treatment and preventive lifestyle changes. RetinaRisk can play an instrumental role in early detection by calculating the risk of diabetic eye disease and allowing users to understand which are the key underlying risk factors and which lifestyle changes can lower the risk.

Remember Your Eye Screenings

Our eye screening feature helps you to track your eye screening appointments so that you never miss a chance to keep track of your eye health. Here you can log your appointments, track all previous screenings and read our blogs about the importance of eye health.

Discover Important Trends

Our new data section enables users to view how their risk progresses over time so they can discover trends that can lead to positive change. Users are able to set risk goals that will appear in the graph to be able to compare the progression with previous goals. Users can comment on individual results and share them with third parties such as physicians. Exports are in .csv format which enables users to incorporate RetinaRisk data into other platforms as well.

Analyze Your Results

The analysis section allows you to dive deeper into what the risk calculation means for you and which factors are driving your future risk of sight threatening diabetic retinopathy. The analysis gives you a visual representation of your blood sugar (HbA1c) and blood pressure levels as well as personalized messages based on your current levels. This information enables you to determine the best course of action to lower your risk if needed.

Read Our Blogs

Our blog section contains over a 100 blogs connected to eye health and related topics. Our main mission is to equip you with the best possible knowledge to contribute to your diabetes management. We write about what´s new in the retina field, the importance of eye screening and other topics that are important to you.

Access Our Educational Section

Our educational section has everything you need to know about diabetes, diabetic retinopathy and other matters related. You can read up on how to best manage your diabetes and get to know the different stages of diabetic retinopathy.