RetinaRisk winner of the WSA 2021

RetinaRisk has been named a winner of the 2021 World Summit Awards in recognition of our efforts to revolutionize diabetic eye care 

The World Summit Awards were launched almost two decades ago on the basis of the United Nations World Conference on the Information Society. This is an institution that enjoys support from the European Union and is among other things intended to support and raise awareness of companies that are considered to excel in the development of technological solutions that have a positive social impact and support the United Nations’ global goals. The institute also organizes conferences and meetings where the goal is to bring together representatives of start-up companies and entrepreneurs in nearly 190 countries that work for social innovation.

“It is a great honour and international recognition to receive the award and it is a unique achievement that two companies in Iceland have been selected from a group of 8,000 innovation projects. It is worth mentioning that two Icelandic companies have previously received awards at the World Summit Awards, CCP and Meniga” says Jóhann Malmquist, Professor at the University of Iceland

“We are very proud to have received this award and to be members of a group of purpose-driven companies building the solutions of tomorrow. This group of companies represent individuals who are committed to making technology a driver for a more sustainable future and better access to healthcare services across all demographics and in all regions of the world” says Silla Jónsdóttir, CEO of RetinaRisk

We look forward to the WSA Global Congress on March 22-24, 2022 where we can meet the other winners of the award!

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