December Updates From Our Product Team

In this weekly blog from the product team, I ́ll be sharing what we ́re working on to make the RetinaRisk app better, soliciting feedback from you, the reader and discussing other products that we are exploring. Feel free to send me an email to with any questions or comments you might have.

Login issues

We are aware that some users are experiencing issues with manual login and we are working to fix this. We have noticed that users are not being notified about the required password strength when resetting their password and are therefore able to choose passwords that do not fulfill RetinaRisk’s password strength requirements. This is a mistake and we will be adding instructions during the process to make it clearer and more straight forward. The requirements for a password are: Minimum 8 characters and at least one upper-case, one lower-case and one number.

Google login works without issues.

Know your risk of diabetic eye disease

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Easier to select languages

We have also noticed that some users are having difficulties finding where to access the language options and are working to make it easier for users to select the different languages available. We want you, the user, to have the best user experience possible and accessing the app in your own language is an important step in that direction. We want the language options to be easy to find and intuitive and are working to improve this feature

Looking ahead

Some of the things we will be exploring in the new year is to greatly enhance the educational section. We are exploring how we can make the content there easier to digest, divide into smaller pieces and how to make it tailored to each and every user. We are looking into adding short videos that can be accessed in the app where our founders and other health care professionals will give users insights into some of the relevant topics.

We also acknowledge that we have limited time in today’s society and want to access knowledge in an efficient manner. To respond to that, we are looking into tailoring the material to you, the user,so that you can access new and interesting learning material when using the app.

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