RetinaRisk App Updates From the Product Team

In this weekly blog from the product team, I ́ll be sharing what we ́re working on to make the RetinaRisk app better, soliciting feedback from you, the reader and discussing other products and features that we are exploring.

Want to be a part of the product development process by giving us your feedback? Feel free to send me an email to with any questions or comments you might have.

Icelandic translation issues

We are aware that there is a translation error in the Icelandic translation in the app where “sign up” has been translated to “Skrá út”. We are working to fix this so users wanting to use the app in Icelandic are not experiencing confusion during the sign-up process.

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Subscription issues

We are also aware of an issue during the subscription process where Android users are presented with a yearly subscription option when selecting monthly. We will be addressing this issue in a release very soon


We will be adding the spanish language in the weeks to come, which is something we look forward to. We want the transnational languages of the world to be available in the app and are working to build out our language capabilities. We hope to be adding French as well in the first quarter of 2019 with other languages following.

Chats extras

One of our biggest goals for the RetinaRisk app is to build an empowered community of users who are not only able to perform advanced risk calculations but who can access extensive knowledge and connect with their peers. One of the features we will be looking at in the new year is the chat function and how we can make it easier for people to connect with one another. We will be looking at how we can match up people who are experiencing similar issues, looking for similar knowledge or would benefit from making a connection in any way. It is our hope that the chat will connect users from all corners of the world, making RetinaRisk the best way of forming connections and seeking empowerment.

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