Step 1

Go to retinarisk.com/risk-calculator

On your screen now is the risk calculator without any clinical data.

Step 2

Enter the relevant clinical data and press submit. If you don‘t fill out a field a default value will be given.

Note that you fill in either HbA1c or Average whole blood glucose, not both.

Step 3

Now you have the results from the calculator.

There are three options here.

1 Change the date range (1,5 or 10-year) of the risk assessment.
2 Go back to clinical data.
3 Create a report (see step 4a).

Step 4a

1 Fill in the patients' name.
2 Check the relevant risk factors if appropriate.
3 Set the recommended examination interval.
4 Type in additional notes in the report, or edit the existing notes.
5 Add educational material (see step4b).
6 Either choose to print the report or create a pdf document. The pdf/printed report will contain the clinical data, results and the report.*
*The pdf report is not available in Internet Explorer 8 or previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Step 4b

By pressing education you can add educational information into the report for the patient.

This can be executed in the following ways:

1 Add one point at a time by selecting the relevant catagory and press "add to report".
2 Simply add all the points by pressing "add all".
The educational material will appear on a new page following the printed/pdf report.


By selecting "My profile" on the upper right side of the page (when logged in) you can find your current profile settings.

Your information

If you input your name, clinic, address and phone number in "My profile" and press the "Save changes" button your information will appear at the bottom of risk calculator reports you create or print.

Your logo

You can upload your practice logo in "My profile"
1 Choose a file you want to upload. (The text on the button may vary depending on your browser.)*
2 Press "upload image" when you have found the logo you want to upload.
3 If the upload is successful, your logo will now be displayed.

Your logo will appear at the top of your reports.

*Only .png, .jpg or .gif images under 200KB are accepted.
*If the height of the logo exceeds 70px the image will be scaled down.

Examination Interval

If you enable the Examination interval in "My profile" and press the "Save changes" button, a recommended examination interval will be added to the results of the calculator.