The History of Diabetes Through an Interactive Timeline

Diabetes has been documented by scientists for thousands of years, under many different names, as we covered in our previous blog A Short History of Diabetes. Through the ages, many ground-breaking experts, doctors and other medical workers have contributed to enhancing the quality of life for people living with diabetes. Few have done as much as Dr. Frederick Banting, who along with his colleagues, discovered how to isolate and extract insulin to treat diabetes in humans. He is a true hero to millions and his legacy has helped shape and give hope and a lengthier life to countless people with diabetes now and in the future. From RetinaRisk, we want to make our own little homage to the history of diabetes and helping spread the word on how this disease went from mystery to a liveable condition, thanks to key milestones and the work of many scientists and researchers worldwide. We stand in the shoulders of giants and we want to help prevent the onset of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy and care for the vision of all people with diabetes.

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The history of diabetes is compelling and there´s a lot to absorb along the way. The Interactive Timeline, created by the Diabetes Daily team, is a fun way to explore the path of diabetes, from the very early historical descriptions of the condition, to the discovery of insulin, to the multitude of treatment and technical advances over the last century.

The entertaining and informative timeline allows you to click on icons or links for a great variety of milestones to learn more, and to dig into an array of comprehensive articles on various diabetes-related topics. Don´t miss this chance to dip into the fascinating saga of diabetes, one of mankind’s major medical challenges. To try out the Diabetes Daily Interactive Timeline click here.

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