How to Use the Analysis Feature in the RetinaRisk App

To further help you to interpret your risk results, you can access the “analysis” button right next to the risk result on the home screen. In the analysis section we help you identify if you have low, middle or high risk of developing sight threatening diabetic retinopathy during the coming year. We also help you understand what each result means for you specifically and what factors weigh heaviest in your risk result. This will help you identify what to work in if needed so that you can get your risk down as quickly as possible.

There are three things that affect the risk results the most; your HbA1c levels, blood pressure levels and duration of diabetes. It is important to note that app will only identify either HbA1c or blood pressure as affecting the result if these levels are above what is considered optimal. Optimal levels are 6.5% or 48mmol/mol for HbA1c and 130/80 for blood pressure. While it is impossible to change how long you have had diabetes, you can have a great impact on both your HbA1c levels and your blood pressure.

If you want to read more about diabetes and access educational content you can navigate to our educational section in one of the menu options at the bottom of the front screen in the RetinaRisk app.

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