Weekly news from the product team

In this weekly blog from the product team, I ́ll be sharing what we ́re working on to make the RetinaRisk app better, soliciting feedback from you, the reader and discussing other products that we are exploring. Feel free to send me an email to aegirthorst@retinarisk.com with any questions or comments you might have.


We want to welcome Stefán Einarsson the new CTO onboard the RetinaRisk team. With the new CTO on board, we hope to respond faster to user feedback, address bugs and develop new features at an increased pace.

User experience

Our priority is always the user experience and we prioritize any user issues that might arise. The first issue that we will address is to decrease the app startup loading time. We want the app to open as quickly as possible and we will be addressing this as soon as possible.

Know your risk of diabetic eye disease

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We will be adding new languages in the weeks ahead with Spanish being the first one. Following that, we will most likely add Arabic, French, and Urdu. We are focusing on the languages that are spoken across large regions but also on languages that form a part of collaboration agreements we have made with hospitals. We offer localization of the app to hospitals that we enter into collaboration with and Urdu is an example of this. We are collaborating with The Diabetes Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan and one step is to make the app available in their language.

Looking ahead

One of the things we are exploring at this time is to include multiple calculators for diabetic complications such as Neuropathy (nerves), Nephropathy (kidney), cardiovascular complications and more. Being a one-stop-shop for predictive diabetes risk calculations in the medium to long-term future is something that we definitely would like to be and are working towards. This would enable people living with diabetes to treat the risk of developing diabetic complications with enhanced diabetes management to delay or avoid the onset of complications.

In the weeks and months ahead I will continue to write weekly blogs to give you insights into what we are working on and what’s ahead for RetinaRisk.

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