The TSPN podcast covers RetinaRisk CEO

Interview with RetinaRisk CEO in The TSPN Podcast

Following RetinaRisk’s success at the NLSInvest Rising star award a few weeks ago – RetinaRisk’s CEO Sigurbjorg Jonsdottir was invited for an interview at the Innovations by Innovators podcast from The Scientific Podcasting Network.

The RetinaRisk team with CEO Ms. Jonsdottir on the right

Our CEO covers the origin of RetinaRisk – how it came to be the leading in diabetic retinopathy risk management solution worldwide and thanks to the API solution, how we are bridging the gap between software and doctors, empowering them to be more efficient and make sure that the right people get the treatment they need at the right time. Our solution is being used as a clinical support tool to help and assist thousands of patients in 4 continents.

Our company offers solutions that care to B2C and B2B markets thanks to our APP and API respectively and what acts as a significant differentiator with any competitor of our laureated proprietary algorithm – is the extensive clinical research and clinical validation that RetinaRisk has made over the years and across the globe. You can read more on all the scientific papers published here.

Know your risk of diabetic eye disease

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In the podcast, the surge of personalized medicine and its impact on today’s healthcare is discussed too, alongside the caveats and the implications that solutions such as

You just have to click on the banner below to listen to this very interesting conversation that also covers the winners of the NLSInvest winners, Trude Tingvoll of Respinor in Norway, and Michael Rutzler from ApoGlyx in Sweden. Truly the best of the best in Nordic Startups leading the way in advancements for e-health and life science solutions.

You can check out the podcast ON THIS LINK

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